Managed Futures

By utilizing a unique and proprietary approach to managing multiple-advisor portfolios, Argo Futures-developed portfolios are intended to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. Trading futures involves risk.

Argo Futures's diversification model attempts to strategically balance portfolio exposure across advisors, trading strategies, markets and time frames with an effort to gain target returns while attempting to minimize the volatility of those returns. Sometimes an investor may find that there's much more involved in futures trading than he or she had initially realized. Some wonder if they can dedicate a lot of time to really doing it right. If you're concerned about trading your own account but still want to participate in futures markets, then a managed program might be right for you.

High net-worth individuals have been known to use managed futures as an investment alternative for more than 20 years. Professional money managers trade this type of account. These clients have their accounts placed under the direct trading authorization through power of attorney of select CTA's (Commodity trading advisors).

Commodity Trading Advisor
A commodity-trading adviser may charge two kinds of fees to manage your money. Most will charge an incentive fee based on the trading performance. Some also charge management fees that are to be paid regardless of whether profits are earned.