About The Program


Large institutions have long enjoyed the advantages of alternative investments and the futures market but had the support and advice of seasoned professionals.

In the last decade, the futures industry has grown over 700%. In fact, the Commodity Exchange (ICE) purchased the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2012 & the NYSE Euronext in 2013.

A contributing factor to the rapid success and expansion of the industry was that protfolios containing managed futues have consistently enhanced risk adjusted returns. Studies have consistently shown the benifit of including this asset class in any portfolio.

While these products have been widely available, many failed to reap the rewards because the selection process was confusing to the traditional investor and lacked transparency, thus increasing their exposure to risk.

Thats why we created the [AGX] program

[AGX] is a full-service diversification program designed to fully integrate into your practice to help you generate higher returns while minimizing risk.

We do this by creating a customized pool for our members to include some of the best Commodity Trading Advisors in the industry, managing programs that fit your firm's objectives and have traditionally yielded exceptional returns.

The AGX system provides compliance, engagement and advice, just like the major banks offer their in-house advisors.

You don't need to change broker dealers, platforms or the flag you fly. You just add a new tool.


We set out to build a program that brought the best people together and focused on delivering the best possible investments, advice, support and partnerships.

This is not a new concept,
it's a new delivery.

Our team of respected pros has come from inside and outside of our industry to drive the success of this program by supporting our members in meaningful ways. The success of our system is based on a "win - win", not a "one size fits all" approach.

We are confident that you will see the value in what we are doing and look forward to speaking with you.